Difference Between Free and Shared Web Hosting

For a lot of people, they need help from web hosting services to deal with their web resources and websites but the problem is that they have no idea which type of web hosting service to use. Each type of web hosting service will have their own specific use and that is important to know.

There are two major web hosting service, they are called free web hosting and shared web hosting. Free web hosting does not really mean free, the term free is only used to tell the clients that they will not be spending money for the service that they get from the web hosting company. They will only be using your website after they are done with the service, locating their ads, banners and pop-ups in your website. While shared web hosting has it differently, they will be needing money for their services but they will be ideal for business websites.

Websites that will be just for personal information, free web hosting is enough but it will not be able to cater to business websites because most people will hate seeing ads, banners and pop-ups, they will be annoyed thus leaving the website as soon as they see them. This could mean disaster for a website that will need clients especially when it will be about selling products.

That is why you have to make sure that you use the best web hosting service that will be for you because it will really help. Some people are not sur of using shared web hosting because they think it is expensive but actually it is not. It will just be around 1-50 dollars a month, depending on the service that you get from the company, this means that if you do not need too much, you will be saving actually. Using shared web hosting will really help you earn more money from your website especially when it is for your business because it will be very important to get clients to visit your website regularly. That will mean that you will be able to get more income. If you are using free web hosting for a business website, that could mean disaster because the visitors will really leave when they see the ads. It can be pretty annoying for these clients because they need to buy services and imagine pop-ups show up when they click something in your website, that will be a huge disadvantage. Free web hosting will just be used for simple web resources.